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Bulk solids lab

The main work of the laboratory of bulk solids is  the determination of the yield behaviour of bulk materials. This  requires particularly trained personnel and special equipment.  Experiences of many years of bulk material measuring techniques as well  as of the technological realisation of the results are also important.  This is ensured by a know-how basing on the comprehensive  characterisation of more than 500 bulk materials.

The laboratory of bulk solids is divided into the following fields/areas:

sample preparation:

  • rotational sample divider
  • mixer
  • humidity meter
  • fluidised bed

laboratory of power measurement:

  • adhesion measuring device
  • uni-axial tester
  • testing device for measuring tensile and compressive strength of bulk solids

shear laboratory:

  • JENIKE - shear apparatus
  • time consolidation bench
  • ring shearing apparatus


Christine Wicke