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14th Workshop on Two-Phase Flow Predictions

The 14th workshop on Two-Phase Flow Predictions is held on September the 7th-10th 2015 at

Zentrum für Ingenieurwissenschaften
Martin Luther Universität Halle Wittenberg
D-06099 Halle (Saale), Germany

The series of Workshops started in 1984 at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of the University of Erlangen/Nürnberg. The participation was limited to only a few people working in the field of particle dispersion in turbulent flows. An important objective was the performance and discussion of numerical calculations for pre-defined test cases. During the past 30 years numerical calculations of dispersed multiphase flows have received considerable interest in research and technical or industrial applications. For numerous companies in the process industries (e.g. chemical industry or food industry) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for multiphase flow has become an essential tool for process analysis, optimisation and design. Most important for reliable numerical calculations is the modelling of the underlying elementary processes occurring on the scale of the particle, such as particle transport in turbulence, particle-wall collisions, inter-particle collisions, agglomeration, droplet/bubble collisions and coalescence as well as heat and mass transfer. This field is still in the stage of development. Important for model developments are theoretical analysis, direct numerical simulations and detailed experiments.

Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation: Influence of inter-particle collisions on particle clustering (left: without; right: with collisions; StK = 10; αP = 0.02)

Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation: Influence of inter-particle collisions on particle clustering (left: without; right: with collisions; StK = 10; αP = 0.02)

Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation: Influence of inter-particle collisions on particle clustering (left: without; right: with collisions; StK = 10; αP = 0.02)

Zentrum für Ingenieurwissenschaften
Martin Luther Universität Halle Wittenberg
D-06099 Halle (Saale), Germany
Fax: +49-345-5527586


The Workshop will be co-sponsored by the ERCOFTAC  (European Research Community on Flow Turbulence and Combustion). Young  Ph.D. students giving a presentation may apply for financial support,  which will be provided by ERCOFTAC.


Direct numerical simulations with interface resolution

Derksen, J.: Simulations of dispersed multiphase flow at the particle level (keynote lecture)
derksen.pdf (4,2 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Eshghinejadfard, A., Abdelsamie, A. and Thévenin, D. :Lattice-Boltzmann vs. Navier-Stokes simulation of particulate flows
Eshghinejadfard.pdf (1,9 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Badillo, A.: Phase-field simulations of liquid interfaces in contact with solids

Borrmann, S. and Schwarze, R.: Fluid-Solid-Interaction Simulations with the WCSPH Method in the Software Package Yade
Borrmann.pdf (3,1 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Albert, Ch., Kromer, J., Robertson A.M. und Bothe, D.: Dynamic behavior of buoyant high viscosity droplets rising in a quiescent liquid

Finotello, G., Deen, N.G., Padding, J.T., Jongsma, A., Innings, F. and Kuipers J.A.M.: Study of the effect of viscosity on binary droplet collisions

Münster, R., Mierka, O. and Turek, S.: Particulate Flow Simulations with Complex Geometries using the Finite Element-Fictitious Boundary Method

Experimental studies

Ostmann, S., Chaves H. and Brücker, Ch.:Qualitative study on path instabilities of light particles rising within a liquid at rotation

Freudigmann, H.A. and Iben, U.: Optische Untersuchung der Luftausgasung im Nachlauf einer Drosselströmung
Iben.pdf (2 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Pasternak, L. und Sommerfeld, M.: Experimental studies on fiber-laden cross-jet by a pulsed LED-PIV System

Direct and large eddy simulations of particulate flow

Stylianou, F.S. Koullapis P.G. and Kassinos S.C. : Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations of Aerosol Transport in Human Airways (keynote lecture)

Redlinger-Pohn, J.D. and Radl, S.: Separation Effects and Orientation Statistics of Fibres in Coiled-Pipe Suspension Flow
RedlingerPohn.pdf (1,4 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Lovecchio, S., Marchioli, C. and Soldati A.: Micro‐swimmer dynamics in free‐surface turbulence subject to wind stress
Marchioli-Swimmers.pdf (8,6 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Marchioli, C. and Soldati, A.: Turbulent breakage of ductile aggregates
Marchioli-Aggregates.pdf (7 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Modelling of dispersed turbulent two-phase flows

Reeks, M.W.: The notion of particle pressure in a suspension of particles in turbulent flow (keynote lecture)

Achury, J. and Polifke, W.: Theoretical and numerical investigation of particle response to an axial acoustic field
Achury.pdf (772,4 KB)  vom 06.10.2015

Jin, C., Potts, I. and Reeks, M.W.: A simple stochastic quadrant model for the turbulent deposition of particles in turbulent boundary layers

Hu, Y., Olguin, H. and Gutheil, E.: Transported joint PDF modeling of reacting dilute sprays combined with a spray flamelet/progress variable approach

Synek, B., Gumprich, W. and Sadiki, A.: Direct Quadratured-based Sectional Method of Moments coupled to realistic evaporation models
Synek.pdf (1,8 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Sander, S. and Fritsching, U.: Modeling of the influence of coupling between electric ion charges and hydrodynamic flow on particle charging and acceleration in electrostatic fields using OpenFOAM

Quintero, B., Lain, S. and Sommerfeld, M.: Numerical simulation of elongated fibres in horizontal channel flow
Lain_nsphfibres.pdf (1,7 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Wollborn, T., Knoop, C. and Fritsching,U.: The effect of an oscillating agitated fluid on particle agglomerates and analysis of bond breakage

Almohammed, N. and Breuer, M.: Comparison of an energy-based and a momentum-based agglomeration model within an Euler-Lagrange LES approach
Almohammed.pdf (19,4 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Warncke, K., Sadiki, A. and Janicka, J.: Numerical Investigation of an airblasted liquid sheet using the embedded DNS concept

Lain, S. and Sommerfeld, M.: Erosion prediction in a horizontal to vertical elbow by the Euler-Lagrange approach
Lain_Erosion.pdf (1,3 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Neben, M., Egbers, Ch. and Wenzke, S.: 3D-CFD-Simulations of the gas-particle flow in a cold gas Laval nozzle to predict the mechanical erosion
Neben.pdf (6,4 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Application of numerical methods for
two-phase flow

Asad, A., Kratzsch, Ch. and Schwarze, R.: Application of the discrete phase model in metallurgical processes
Asad.pdf (2,5 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Rzehak, R. and Krepper E.: Euler-Euler Modeling of Mass-Transfer in Bubbly Flows
Rzehak.pdf (2,1 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Hoppe, F. and Breuer, M.:Large–eddy simulation of bubbly turbulent flows based on an Euler–Lagrange approach for a huge number of microbubbles
Hoppe.pdf (744,8 KB)  vom 06.10.2015

Schmalfuß, S. and Sommerfeld, M.: Numerical and experimental analysis of particle behaviour in Fluid Phase Resonance Mixers

Aragall, R., Yu, F., Thurmann, M. and Brenner, B.: Transport of solid-liquid suspensions in wellbore drilling: multiscale modeling and experimental validation
Aragall.pdf (3,6 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Judakova, G. and Bause, M.: Multiphase flow of natural gas through pipelines
Judakova.pdf (1008,1 KB)  vom 06.10.2015

Krause, M.J. and Maier, M.-L. : OpenLB: An Open Source Library for Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Fluid Flow Simulations

Misiulia, D., Andersson, A.G. and Lundström T. S.: Effects of the inlet angle on the flow field and performance of a cyclone separator with helical-roof inlet

Le, H.D., Lacome, J.-M., Vignes, A., Debray, B., Truchot, B., Fede P. and Climent E.: Modelling of test case particle-laden jet with Neptune_CFD
Le.pdf (2,9 MB)  vom 06.10.2015

Greifzu, F. and Schwarze, R.: Simulation of Disperse Particle-Laden Gas Flows with OpenFOAM and ANSYS FLUENT
Greifzu.pdf (412 KB)  vom 06.10.2015

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